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PCMflash Plugin #77 Bosch ME9 / MED9 / EDC7 / EDC16 / PSG16 / TCU Bootloader

A software module for PCMflash to work with ECUs Bosch …

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A software module for PCMflash to work with ECUs Bosch ME9, MED9 and EDC16 in Service Mode. This module requires a direct connection to the ECU using a Scanmatik 2 PRO and a bench cable.

Supported Functions

ME9/MED9/EDC7/EDC16/PSG16/TCU (MPC556/MPC562/MPC564)
Supported: Reading, Writing, Checksum Correction

Supported: Reading, Writing

Tested ECUs

The module has been successfully tested with the following ECUs:

ME9 / MED9
  • MED9.1/MED9.1.1 (VAG)
  • MED9.5.10 (VAG)
  • ME9.0 (VOLVO)
  • MED9.6/MED9.6.1 (GM)
EDC7 / EDC16
  • EDC7C4-6 (FUSO)
  • EDC16U1 (VAG)
  • EDC16C2 (MB)
  • EDC16C7 (HONDA)
  • EDC16C31 (VOLVO)
  • EDC16CP31 (MB/JEEP)
  • EDC16U31 (VAG)
  • EDC16C32 (MB)
  • EDC16CP33 (NISSAN)
  • EDC16C34 (FORD)
  • EDC16U34 (VAG)
  • EDC16C39 (K/H, UAZ, IVECO)
  • EDC16CP34 (VAG) MPC564_M58BW016
  • EDC16CP35 (BMW) MPC564_M58BW016
  • EDC16CP39 (FORD/JLR) MPC564_M58BW016
  • EDC16C41 (NISSAN)


Some of the Bosch ME9 and MED9 ECUs aren't supported, including those of BMW and Mercedes and also ME9.0 of Ford.

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