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BitEdit Remap Software (USB Dongle)

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A chip tuning software that lets you remap ECU files …

A chip tuning software that lets you remap ECU files of many modern cars including Toyota, Mitsubishi, VAG, BMW, Ford and others.

The software consists of a USB dongle (presented on this page) and additional software modules (sold separately). Please be aware that the USB dongle should be bought along with at least one software module.

Available BitEdit Modules

Arctic Cat Denso $245.83
Bosch EDC17CP02 $245.83
Bosch EDC17CP09 $245.83
Bosch EDC17CP45 $245.83
Bosch M17.8.7 / ME17.9.74 $184.37
Bosch MD1 $430.19
Bosch ME(D)(G)17.9.8 $245.83
Bosch ME(G)17.9.1x $245.83
Bosch ME(G)17.9.2x $245.83
Bosch ME17.8.5 $184.37
Bosch ME17.8.8 $245.83
Bosch MSE 3.0 $122.91
Continental GPEC (SIM90) $122.91
Continental GPEC2 $245.83
Continental GPEC2A $368.74
Continental M3C $307.28
Continental SIM2K-24x $245.83
Delphi DCM6.1 $245.83
Delphi MT05 $122.91
GM ACDelco E92 $307.28
Honda Bosch Petrol Turbo $368.74
Honda Continental $245.83
Honda Hitachi $245.83
Honda Hitachi 0.66 Turbo $245.83
Honda Keihin $614.56
Honda Keihin 1.5 Turbo $491.65
Honda Keihin 2.0 Turbo $491.65
Honda Keihin 2.3 Turbo $245.83
Honda Matsushita $245.83
Honda Motorola $245.83
Honda Panasonic $245.83
Kefico CPEGD2 / CPGDSH2 $245.83
Marelli 8Gx Petrol Turbo $368.74
Marelli IAW 7GV $184.37
Marelli IAW 9GV $184.37
Marelli IAW7GFR $184.37
Mazda Denso Petrol SH705x $245.83
Mazda Denso SkyActiv-D $307.28
Mazda Denso SkyActiv-G $307.28
Mazda Mitsubishi 2.3 Turbo $245.83
Mazda Mitsubishi SkyActiv-G $307.28
Mitsubishi Denso Diesel SH7058 $245.83
Mitsubishi Denso Diesel SH7059 $245.83
Motorola NGC4 $184.37
Motorola NGC4A $184.37
Nissan Denso Diesel SH7058 $245.83
Nissan Denso Diesel SH7059 $245.83
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Gen1 SH7054 $245.83
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Gen1 SH7055 $245.83
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Gen1 SH7058 $245.83
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Gen1 SH7059 $245.83
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Gen1 SH72xx $245.83
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Gen2 $368.74
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Turbo Gen1 $368.74
Renault Siemens EMS3150 $245.83
Honda Petrol Full $3,318.65
Nissan Hitachi Petrol Full $1,671.61
Toyota Denso Diesel Full $1,216.84
Toyota Denso Full $3,656.65
Toyota Denso Petrol Full $2,101.81
Siemens MSE 3.7 $245.83
Toyota Bosch Diesel $368.74
Toyota Delphi Petrol $245.83
Toyota Denso Diesel 1 $245.83
Toyota Denso Diesel 2 $245.83
Toyota Denso Diesel 3 $245.83
Toyota Denso Diesel 4 $368.74
Toyota Denso Diesel 5 $245.83
Toyota Denso Gearbox $614.56
Toyota Denso Petrol 1 $245.83
Toyota Denso Petrol 2 $245.83
Toyota Denso Petrol 3 $245.83
Toyota Denso Petrol 4 $245.83
Toyota Denso Petrol 5 $245.83
Toyota Denso Petrol 6 $245.83
Toyota Denso Petrol Old $245.83
Toyota Denso Petrol Turbo $368.74
Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ Denso SH72531 $245.83

Technical Support

The technical support is provided by the manufacturer of this software.


BitSoft LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia. License Agreement.

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