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A popular OBD flasher that works with ECUs of many …

A popular OBD flasher that works with ECUs of many modern vehicles including Toyota, BMW, VAG, GM, PSA and many other cars, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and even Iveco and DAF trucks.

The flasher consists of a USB dongle (presented on this page), additional software modules (sold separately) and connection cables and adapters (such as J2534 or ENET cables; also sold separately).

Please be aware that the USB dongle should be bought along with at least one software module.

Cables & Adaptes

Please be aware that some cables may not work with some plugins. Always check the compatibility.

BitBox BITS001
Chipsoft J2534 Lite $87.51
Tactrix Openport 2.0 J2534
Scanmatik 2 PRO J2534 $354.94

Available Plugins

BMW Exx Bosch CAN $451.06
BMW Full CAN+ENET $1,159.87
BMW Fxx / Gxx Bosch MG1 / MD1 ENET $451.06
BMW Fxx Bosch ENET $451.06
BMW GearBox $128.87
BMW Motorrad $257.75
China Bosch Moto / Extreme $322.19
China Bosch Petrol $180.42
China Delphi Petrol $180.42
China Diesel CAN $193.31
China Siemens Petrol $128.87
Continental M3C $322.19
Delphi MT05 $322.19
Denso SH7058 / SH7059 CAN $257.75
FCA Bosch Diesel CAN $322.19
FCA Petrol Gen1 CAN $386.62
FCA Petrol Gen2 CAN $386.62
Ford Bosch MG1 Petrol CAN $257.75
GM ACDelco Petrol Gen1 CAN $451.06
GM ACDelco Petrol Gen2 CAN $451.06
GM Diesel CAN $257.75
Honda Marine Keihin $386.62
Kia / Hyundai Continental SIM2K-25x / 26x $257.75
Kia / Hyundai Diesel $322.19
Kia / Hyundai Kefico CPxxxx Petrol CAN $257.75
Kia / Hyundai Petrol CAN $257.75
Mazda SkyActiv-D Diesel CAN $257.75
Mazda SkyActiv-G Petrol CAN $322.19
MB Bosch EDC17 CAN $322.19
MB Bosch MED17 CAN $322.19
MB Delphi Diesel CAN $257.75
MB Siemens / Continental SIM271 $257.75
Moto / Extreme Denso Virtual Reader $128.87
MV Agusta Eldor $128.87
PSA Diesel CAN $257.75
Renault / Nissan Continental Diesel CAN
Renault Petrol CAN $180.42
Rotax Extreme $322.19
SsangYong Delphi Diesel $257.75
SsangYong Siemens Petrol $257.75
Toyota Delphi Gen1 CAN $128.87
Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN $322.19
Toyota Denso Gen2 (newGen) CAN $322.19
Toyota Denso Gen3 CAN $322.19
Toyota Full Package $1,095.44
Toyota Gen1 Virtual Reader $154.65
Trucks / Industrial Bosch EDC17CV41 $515.50
Trucks Delphi DMCI CAN $386.62
Trucks Delphi ETC3 $386.62
VAG Marelli Petrol $128.87
Volvo Denso SH72xxx CAN $257.75
Harley-Davidson Delphi $257.75

Technical Support

The technical support is provided by the manufacturer of this software.


BitSoft LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia. License Agreement.

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