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Alientech K-TAG Master On Bench Programmer

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K-TAG is used to read and write the ECU while …

K-TAG is used to read and write the ECU while on the bench. The MPC, EEPROM, and flash memory can be accessed by connecting the tool to the ECU board. It supports cars, motorcycles, trucks, tractors, and boats.

Supported Functions

  • Identification of the vehicle
  • Reading and writing of the MPC, EEPROM, and flash memory components
  • Automatic checksum correction
  • Backup and Restore capabilities in the event of error
  • Removal of the write-protection to allow the flashing via OBD with other tools

Available protocols

  • Bootloader Infineon Tricore / ST10Fxxx
  • BDM Motorola MPC5xx
  • JTAG Freescale MPC5xxxx
  • NBD NEC 76F00xx Toyota
  • JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx
  • JTAG Renesas SH705x
  • Bootloader Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH8xxx
  • BDM Motorola 68000HC
  • BDM Motorola HC12
  • Bootloader RENESAS M32

The protocols are sold separately.

Master Version

With a Master tool you will have the complete access to the files of the ECUs by reading the original file and writing back the modified one yourself.

Slave Version

K-TAG Slave is designed to work under a Master tool. You read the encrypted original file, send it to the owner of the Master tool you are connected to and get a modified file back from him. The modified file is also encrypted and can only be used with your Slave tool. You don't have access to decrypted files and can't modify files yourself.

K-Suite Software

K-Suite is a software that comes with K-TAG and installs on your Windows PC. All the operations with the tool are performed using this program. It has a simple interface and step-by-step instructions with pictures.

This software is universal and supports both K-TAG and KESSv2 in Master and Slave versions.

Please be aware that it's required to have an active internet connection in order to work with it.

What's included

  • Alientech K-TAG Master (14KT00KTAM)
  • Basic connection kit (144300KTST)
  • Multifunction cable (14P600KT02)
  • Infineon Tricore EDC GPT cable (14P600KT03)
  • Infineon Tricore MED GPT cable (14P600KT06)
  • USB cable
  • Battery cable (144300K218)
  • Power supply adapter
  • Plastic case
  • K-Suite software
  • User manual

Warranty & Support

This item has a standard one year warranty. The technical support is provided by the manufacturer.


Alientech S.r.l., Italy.

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K-TAG Service Mode Update: Trucks, Boats and Work Vehicles


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K-TAG Service Mode Update: LCV, Motorcycles, Boats and Cars
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K-TAG Service Mode Update: LCV, Motorcycles, Boats and Cars


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Alientech KSuite v3.52


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