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Toyota Denso Gen1 ECUs with no NBD / JTAG pads

Notification | 02/21/2020

Toyota Denso Gen1 ECUs with no NBD / JTAG pads

The latest Toyota Denso Gen1 ECUs with MCU NEC 76F0085 are built in small metallic cases and don't have NBD/JTAG pads to perform the reading.

It is still possible to write them over OBD but you have to obtain the original file somehow. Here are the possible ways to do that:

  • Extract it from a CUW update file
  • Solder the MCU to another ECU that has NBD/JTAG pads and read it from there
  • Virtual reading

The virtual reading can be performed with BitBox's Toyota Denso Gen1 CAN plugin that currently offers the following original files:

89663-02X40 89663-02X41 89663-06770 89663-06771
89663-06772 89663-06790 89663-06791 89663-06792
89663-06793 89663-06794 89663-06795 89663-06800
89663-06801 89663-06802 89663-06803 89663-06804
89663-06805 89663-06810 89663-06811 89663-06812
89663-06820 89663-06821 89663-06822 89663-06A10
89663-06A11 89663-06A30 89663-06A31 89663-06A32
89663-06A33 89663-06A34 89663-06A35 89663-06A40
89663-06A41 89663-06A42 89663-06A43 89663-06A44
89663-06A45 89663-06E70 89663-06E71 89663-06E72
89663-06E80 89663-06E81 89663-06E82 89663-06F50
89663-06F51 89663-06F70 89663-06F71 89663-06N40
89663-06N41 89663-06N42 89663-06N60 89663-06N61
89663-07120 89663-07121 89663-07170 89663-07171
89663-07210 89663-07211 89663-07212 89663-07230
89663-07231 89663-07232 89663-0DL50 89663-0DL51
89663-0DR20 89663-0DR21 89663-0DR30 89663-0DR31
89663-0DY00 89663-0E140 89663-0E141 89663-0E142
89663-0E150 89663-0E151 89663-0E152 89663-0E200
89663-0E201 89663-0Z060 89663-0Z061 89663-0Z140
89663-12G60 89663-12G61 89663-12J60 89663-12J90
89663-12J91 89663-30Y80 89663-30Y81 89663-30Y82
89663-33D70 89663-33D71 89663-33D90 89663-33D91
89663-33G80 89663-33G81 89663-33J20 89663-33J90
89663-33J91 89663-33J92 89663-33L50 89663-33M21
89663-33M22 89663-33M40 89663-33M41 89663-33M42
89663-42B50 89663-42G30 89663-42G40 89663-42G41
89663-42G42 89663-42G50 89663-42G51 89663-42G52
89663-42K20 89663-42K40 89663-42N50 89663-42N51
89663-42N52 89663-42N60 89663-42N61 89663-42N62
89663-42N90 89663-42N91 89663-42P00 89663-42Q10
89663-42Q11 89663-42Q20 89663-42Q21 89663-42Q40
89663-42S50 89663-52P11 89663-52P12 89663-52Q80
89663-52Q81 89663-52Q82 89663-52Q92 89663-52U70
89663-52U71 89663-52U72 89663-52U73 89663-52V60
89663-52V61 89663-52V90 89663-52Z40 89663-52Z41
89663-52Z70 89663-52Z71 89663-52Z72 89663-58551
89663-5C160 89663-5C161 89663-5C162 89663-5C163
89663-5C200 89663-5C201 89663-5C202 89663-5C450
89663-5C451 89663-78190 89663-78191 89663-78240
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