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BitEdit Plugin Toyota Denso Petrol Turbo

A module for the BitEdit calibration software that adds the …

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A module for the BitEdit calibration software that adds the support of 1536KB files of Denso ECUs with MCU NEC D76F0196F1. These ECUs are installed on Toyota and Lexus vehicles with turbocharged petrol engines.

Available Maps

Target air filling maps, maximum filling and boost limitation by airmass, torque limitation, boost limitation factors for intake air temperature and knocking, injection time control, closed loop and open loop target lambda, all known sensors scalings, minimal spark advance, spark advance at low/high octane fuel, minimal spark advance for engine protection, spark advance corrections, requested torque, throttle valve actuator position, VVT camshaft control.

Supported SW

89663-0E282- 89663-0E282-A89663-0E284-
89663-0E292- 89663-0E292-A89663-0E293-
89663-0E294- 89663-0E295- 89663-0E550-
89663-0E561- 89663-0N211- 89663-0N212-
89663-0N213- 89663-0N230- 89663-0N231-
89663-0N232- 89663-0Z490- 89663-0Z491-
89663-0Z810-B89663-0Z811- 89663-0ZE91-
89663-0ZF00-B89663-0ZF01- 89663-0ZF02-
89663-0ZK70-A89663-0ZQ90- 89663-10170-B
89663-24362- 89663-24363- 89663-24365-
89663-24371- 89663-24381- 89663-24382-
89663-24401- 89663-24402- 89663-24431-
89663-24A10- 89663-30501- 89663-30Y04-
89663-30Y10-A89663-30Y11- 89663-3A032-
89663-3A241- 89663-3A242- 89663-3A310-A
89663-48R83- 89663-48R84- 89663-48R85-
89663-48R90-A89663-48R91- 89663-48R92-
89663-48R93- 89663-48R94- 89663-48R95-
89663-48S00-A89663-48S01- 89663-48S03-
89663-48S04- 89663-48S40-A89663-48T50-A
89663-50G90-C89663-53N82- 89663-53N83-
89663-53N84- 89663-53N85- 89663-53P01-
89663-53P02- 89663-53P11- 89663-53P21-
89663-53P22- 89663-53Q22- 89663-53Q40-A
89663-53Q41- 89663-53Q42- 89663-53Q52-
89663-53Q61- 89663-53Q90-A89663-53R90-
89663-78033- 89663-78035- 89663-78037-
89663-78046- 89663-78047- 89663-78052-
89663-78053- 89663-78054- 89663-78056-
89663-78063- 89663-78073- 89663-78075-
89663-78076- 89663-78093- 89663-78094-
89663-78095- 89663-78096- 89663-78103-
89663-78113- 89663-78114- 89663-78115-
89663-78116- 89663-78122- 89663-78123-
89663-78124- 89663-78125- 89663-78126-
89663-78132- 89663-78321- 89663-78322-
89663-78560-A89663-78570- 89663-78590-
89663-78790-B89663-F4071- 89663-F4101-
89663-F4110-C89663-F4111- 89663-F4112-
89663-F4131- 89663-F4140-C89663-F4141-
89663-F4142- 89663-F4143- 89663-F4150-C

Technical Support

The technical support is provided by the manufacturer of this software.


BitSoft LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia. License Agreement.

BitEdit Remap Software (USB Dongle)
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