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BitEdit Plugin Toyota Denso Petrol 5

A module for the BitEdit calibration software that adds the …

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A module for the BitEdit calibration software that adds the support of Denso 89661-xxxxx ECUs with MCU NEC 76F0038, 76F0039, 76F0040, 76F0070 and 76F0085 that are installed on Toyota and Lexus vehicles with 5.0L and 5.7L engines.

Available Maps

  • Air calculation: Calculated air load from requested torque, Mass air flow pulsations factor
  • Automatic transmission downshift conditions: Output Speed vs Throttle in different mode
  • Automatic transmission: torque converter: Output Speed vs Throttle Normal in different mode apply, Output Speed vs Throttle Normal in different mode release, Torque converter in different mode apply, Torque converter in different mode release
  • Automatic transmission: torque converter flex: Output Speed vs Throttle Normal in different mode apply, Output Speed vs Throttle Normal in different mode release, Output Speed vs Throttle Sport in different mode apply, Output Speed vs Throttle Sport in different mode release, Toyota Temporary Curve
  • Automatic transmission: upshift conditions: Output Speed vs Throttle in different mode
  • Exhaust temperature model: Calculated exhaust temperature, Exhaust temperature offset for spark retardation , Exhaust temperature offset for vehicle speed, Maximal exhaust temperature for engine protection, Minimal exhaust temperature for engine protection
  • Fuel: enrichment: Injection time correction factor by load, Injector dead time, Minimal injection time, Minimal injection time when fault is stored
  • Idle speed: Desired idle speed at P/N, Desired idle speed in drive, Idle spark advance in gear, Idle spark advance P/N
  • Limiters: Engine speed limitation, Vehicle speed limitation
  • Sensor scaling: Intake air temperature correction factor for mass air flow, Mass air flow sensor scaling
  • Spark advance: Difference for idle spark advance from base, Minimal spark advance, Spark advance base, Spark advance delta for efficiency, Spark advance base efficiency, Spark advance base high/low octane, Spark advance base minimal temperature correction
  • Spark advance correction: Spark advance base correction by coolant temperature, Spark advance correction for VVT, Spark advance base correction high/low octane
  • Spark advance: knock: Coolant temperature threshold for minimal spark advance correction, Coolant temperature threshold for retardation, Engine speed lower (upper) threshold for retardation, Maximal spark advance retardation, Retardation recovery rate, Spark advance retardation amount, Total retardation limit
  • Spark advance: minimal: Coolant temperature threshold for minimal spark advance correction, Spark advance minimal base, Spark advance minimal temperature correction
  • Startup: Startup Time, Startup engine speed adder
  • Throttle valve: control Maximal throttle position on 1st gear, Maximal throttle position on reverse gear, Throttle valve maximal allowed position request, Throttle valve maximal position, Throttle valve position limitation at different gear, Throttle valve position limitation different load, Throttle valve position limitation on SAP fault
  • Throttle valve: request: Requested throttle position at different gear
  • Torque Converter – General: Coolant temperature to disable (enable) hot mode , Oil temperature to enable hot mode , Oil temperature threshold for high coolant temperature enable , Oil temperature threshold to disable hot mode, Oil temperature for high coolant disable
  • Torque model: Optimal torque, Optimal torque for transmission
  • VVT: Exhaust camshaft position at full load, Exhaust camshaft position at low throttle, Exhaust camshaft position at high throttle, Exhaust camshaft position base, Intake camshaft position at low throttle, Intake camshaft position at high throttle, Intake camshaft position at full load, Intake camshaft position base
  • Warm up: Coolant temperature threshold for cold engine, Warm up correction for drive/reverse, Warm up correction for P/N
  • DTC mask editor

Supported Engines

  • 2URGSE
  • 2URFSE
  • 3URFE
  • 3URFBE

Supported SW

53A30-10510- 89663-0C570-A89663-0C573-
89663-0C574- 89663-0C580-A89663-0C581-
89663-0C583- 89663-0C584- 89663-0C590-A
89663-0C592- 89663-0C594- 89663-0C600-A
89663-0C601- 89663-0C602- 89663-0C604-
89663-0C710-B89663-0C711- 89663-0C821-
89663-0C822- 89663-0C830-A89663-0C831-
89663-0C841- 89663-0C850-A89663-0C851-
89663-0C852- 89663-0CA00-B89663-0CA01-
89663-0CA02- 89663-0CA11- 89663-0CA21-
89663-0CA32- 89663-0CA33- 89663-0CA41-
89663-0CA42- 89663-0CA43- 89663-0CA50-
89663-0CA53- 89663-0CA60- 89663-0CA61-
89663-0CA62- 89663-0CA63- 89663-0CA71-
89663-0CA72- 89663-0CA82- 89663-0CA91-
89663-0CA92- 89663-0CB01- 89663-0CB30-
89663-0CC40- 89663-0CC42- 89663-0CD01-
89663-0CD10-A89663-0CD13- 89663-0CD20-A
89663-0CD30-A89663-0CD31- 89663-0CD32-
89663-0CD33- 89663-0CD40-A89663-0CD50-A
89663-0CD61- 89663-0CD70-A89663-0CD71-
89663-0CD72- 89663-0CE20-A89663-0CE21-
89663-0CE30-A89663-0CE31- 89663-0CE41-
89663-0CF32- 89663-0CG10-A89663-0CG11-
89663-0CG33- 89663-0CG50-A89663-0CG51-
89663-0CJ60-A89663-0CJ61- 89663-0CJ62-
89663-0CJ63- 89663-0CJ64- 89663-0CJ70-
89663-0CJ71- 89663-0CJ72- 89663-0CJ80-A
89663-0CK00-A89663-0CK01- 89663-0CK02-
89663-0CK03- 89663-0CK04- 89663-0CK05-
89663-0CK06- 89663-0CK11- 89663-0CK12-
89663-0CK13- 89663-0CK14- 89663-0CK40-A
89663-0CK60-A89663-0CK61- 89663-0CK63-
89663-0CK64- 89663-0CK66- 89663-0CL03-
89663-0CL10-A89663-0CL11- 89663-0CL12-
89663-0CL13- 89663-0CL21- 89663-0CL40-B
89663-0CL41- 89663-0CL42- 89663-0CL43-
89663-0CL44- 89663-0CL80-A89663-0CL81-
89663-0CM03- 89663-0CM21- 89663-0CM22-
89663-0CM32- 89663-0CM33- 89663-0CM41-
89663-0CM50- 89663-0CM51- 89663-0CM52-
89663-0CM71- 89663-0XX99- 89663-50461-
89663-50521- 89663-50522- 89663-50870-A
89663-50B50- 89663-50G10- 89663-50X70-A
89663-53B70- 89663-53B80- 89663-53B90-
89663-53M10- 89663-53M20- 89663-60A50-
89663-60A51- 89663-60A52- 89663-60C20-A
89663-60C21- 89663-60C22- 89663-60C25-
89663-60C26- 89663-60C30-B89663-60C31-
89663-60C32- 89663-60C33- 89663-60C34-
89663-60C35- 89663-60C36- 89663-60C40-B
89663-60C41- 89663-60C42- 89663-60C43-
89663-60C44- 89663-60C46- 89663-60C51-
89663-60D80- 89663-60D81- 89663-60D82-
89663-60L80-A89663-60M30- 89663-60M50-
89663-60M70- 89663-60N60- 89663-60P31-
89663-60P50- 89663-60P60- 89663-60Q00-
89663-YWF05- 89663-YWF06- 89663-YWF07-
89663-YWF08- 89663-YWF14- 89663-YWF18-
89663-YWF22- 89663-YWF25- 89663-YWF26-
89663-YWF28- 89663-YWF29- 89663-YWF30-
89663-YWF31- 89663-YWF32- 89663-YWF34-
89663-YWF36- 89663-YWF38- 89663-YWF39-
89663-YWF47- 89663-YWF48- 89663-YWF50-
89663-YWF51- 89663-YWF52- 89663-YWF54-
89663-YWF58- 89663-YWF60- 89663-YWF63-
89663-YWF64- 89663-YWF69- 89663-YWF79
89663-YWF81- 89663-YWF83- 89663-YWF85-
89663-YWF88- 89663-YWF89- 89663-YWF91-
89663-YWF95- 89663-YWF97 89663-YWF99
89663-YWL09- 89663-YWL24- 89663-YWL26-
89663-YWL48- 89663-YWL52- 89663-YWL58-
89663-YWN01- SR006-11B10-

Technical Support

The technical support is provided by the manufacturer of this software.


BitSoft LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia. License Agreement.

BitEdit Remap Software (USB Dongle)
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