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BitEdit Plugin Mitsubishi Denso Diesel SH72xxx

A BitEdit software module to work with files of Denso …

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A BitEdit software module to work with files of Denso ECUs (MCU SH72xx) of Mitsubishi vehicles with diesel engines.

Supported file size: 2.0MB.

Available Maps

  • Airmass flow: Desired airmass flow at disabled EGR, Desired airmass flow base
  • Boost pressure: Boost limitation via boost air temperature, Boost pressure actuator duty cycle base, Boost pressure actuator duty cycle, Boost pressure limitation base, Desired boost pressure, Torque limitation by atmospheric pressure in additional mode
  • Injection: Injection time base from rail pressure
  • Injection volume: Torque to injection volume conversion base in additional mode
  • Injection volume limitation: Base injection volume limiter by gear position, Injection volume limitation, Injection volume limitation by atmospheric pressure, Injection volume limitation by coolant temperature, Injection volume limitation by vehicle speed, Injection volume limitation for vehicle speed limitation in additional mode, Injection volume limitation in case of system error 1
  • Rail pressure: Target rail pressure, Target rail pressure base, Target rail pressure in case of error, Rail pressure limiter Torque: Inverse pedal map for torque and engine speed in additional mode, Requested torque
  • Torque from injection volume: Torque check from injection volume
  • DTC
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