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BitEdit Plugin Mazda Mitsubishi 2.3 Turbo

A module for the BitEdit calibration software to work with …

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A module for the BitEdit calibration software to work with files of Mitsubishi ECUs of Mazda cars with 2.3L petrol turbo engines.

Available Maps

  • Boost pressure: boost limitation on closed throttle, boost pressure limitation, desired boost pressure, desired load, intake pressure limitation, maximal intake pressure, wastegate duty
  • Calculated EGT
  • Idle: desired idle speed in drive, desired idle speed in P/N, minimal idle speed in drive
  • Limiters: engine speed limitation, vehicle speed limitation (when found)
  • Spark advance: optimal spark advance, spark advance in closed loop, spark advance in open loop
  • Target lambda: target lambda in closed loop, target lambda in open loop
  • Torque: Accelerator pedal torque request, engine torque limitation, relative throttle valve position, requested torque

Supported SW


Technical Support

The technical support is provided by the manufacturer of this software.


BitSoft LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia. License Agreement.

BitEdit Remap Software (USB Dongle)
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