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BitEdit Plugin Continental GPEC (SIM90)

A module for the BitEdit calibration software to work with …

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A module for the BitEdit calibration software to work with files of Continental GPEC (SIM90) ECUs (MCU Motorola MPC561 with external flash memory of 2MB) of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

Available Maps

Volumetric efficiency maps, airmass flow limiters, airmass flow through throttle body, maximal engine power and corrections of power, idle speed rpm in different modes, fuel flow, target lambda, power enrichment and warm up correction of lambda, injection timing control, injectors dead time, flow rate, and injector pressure correction, pedal requested power, throttle valve position management, spark advance with corrections for different operation modes, knock retardation, knock sensor sensitivity, gain, and also engine speed and vehicle speed limitation (when found), DTC mask.

Urgent requests aren't available for this module.

Technical Support

The technical support is provided by the manufacturer of this software.


BitSoft LLC, St. Petersburg, Russia. License Agreement.

BitEdit Remap Software (USB Dongle)
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