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BitBox Plugin Honda Moto Keihin

A software module for BitBox to work with ECU Keihin …

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A software module for BitBox to work with ECU Keihin of Honda bikes, scooters and ATVs.

This module can perform Identification, Reading & Writing of FLASH memory over K-Line, checksum correction, Reading & Writing of EEPROM, ECU Recovery.

Supported Hardware

The following hardware versions are supported: 38770-XXX-XXX.

Available FIDs

  • Honda Moto Keihin K-Line Reader (FID:175) — universal reading with automatic file size detection
  • Honda Moto Keihin M32R/SPC 256KB (FID:125) — R/W/CS
  • Honda Moto Keihin H8C 32/56KB (FID:126) — R/W/CS
  • Honda Moto Keihin SPC 512KB (FID:174) — R/W/CS
  • Honda Moto Keihin SH7058 1MB (FID:227) — R/W/CS
  • Honda Moto Keihin R8C/M16C 32/48/64/96/128KB (FID:226) — VR/W/CS


In some cases it may be required to connect to the ECU in bench mode.

For some Keihin R8C/M16C reading isn't possible—you'll receive a checksum error while performing reading. Should that happen, you can either try to perform virtual reading (FID:226) or use any third-party bench tool that supports MCUs R8C/M16C.

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