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BitBox Plugin FCA Petrol Gen2 CAN

A BitBox software module to work with ECUs Continental GPEC2 …

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A BitBox software module to work with ECUs Continental GPEC2 LOCKED, GPEC2A, GPEC3 and GPEC4 of FCA Group vehicles (Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat) with petrol engines. This includes many models manufactured starting the year 2013.

These ECUs have a tuning protection (LOCK) that have to be removed in BSL mode on bench in order to be able to write.

Supported ECUs

  • Continental GPEC2 2013+ MPC5566 3Mb (FID: 20)
  • Continental GPEC2 2015+ MPC5566 3Mb (FID: 21)
  • Continental GPEC2A MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 19)
  • Continental GPEC2A 2018+ MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 131)
  • Continental GPEC3 MPC5674 4Mb (FID: 18)

Additional protocols for GPEC2, GPEC2A, GPEC3 and GPEC4 to work in CAN BSL mode:

  • Continental GPEC2 MPC5566 CAN BSL (FID: 319)
  • Continental GPEC2A/GPEC3 MPC5674 CAN BSL (FID: 320)
  • Continental GPEC4 MPC5674 CAN BSL (FID: 321)

Supported Functions

  • Identification
  • Checking of protection state (LOCKED/UNLOCKED)
  • Removing of protection in BSL mode on bench
  • Reading of FLASH memory via OBD
  • Writing of calibrations via OBD
  • Reading of EEPROM via OBD
  • Writing of EEPROM via OBD
  • Reading and clearing of DTCs

Compatible Cables

Please be aware that this module is compatible only with the following J2534 cables: Scanmatik 2, Scanmatik 2 PRO, CarDAQ Plus, Bosch VCM2, Mongoose (except for ISO). Other cables, including Tactrix, aren't compatible.

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